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Since 1992, SERVAgroup®s goal has been to develop and market well service equipment to service global market and to become the recognized leader in quality, value and customer satisfaction through the integration of people and technology.

SERVAgroup® supplies several different display panel options.
Package includes; custom fit weather proof enclosures ,
labeling, quick release electrical receptacles, and optional custom length cables.
Our equipment has been tested and established in harsh oilfield conditions.

SERVAView was developed specifically to meet the demands of the most sophisticated customers while maintaining user friendly setup and customizations. SERVAView has become the data acquisition software for many of the world’s leading cementing services companies. When SERVAView is coupled with the wide range of portable computers and our custom cases, it will give our customers the correct solution to meet the most rigorous requirements.

Data Acquisition Solutions

SERVAgroup®’s Data Acquisition System is one of the most advanced recording systems in the world. The ServaView System will monitor and record parameters such as density, slurry rate, pressure, and temperature. We also can process, do custom calculations, and record data coming from any sensor that generates a frequency, voltage or current. It can:

  • Generate reports in the form of graphs and tables
  • Export recorded data to excel and word documents
  • Display, record, and chart real time data
  • Allow the user the option to choose which variables to show on graph/tables
  • Post job flags for recording time (hr, min, sec) and stages of the job

Other Benefits
SERVAView Data can be tailored to meet our customers’ needs. The system can be programmed to monitor and record as many parameters as needed. The display can be configured to meet the customers’ individual needs (i.e. inserting their customized logo, customized reports, etc). SERVAgroup® is always open to future customizations, therefore accommodations for any updates or additional features that are needed can be made. Our data acquisition system can be as simple or as complex as needed. Some other extra features include density control, automatic tub level control, and RS-232 and Ethernet communications. Data can be stored internally (16KB and expandable to 512MB) or on a laptop with more storage space.

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